HealthHow Does Running Help in Losing Weight?

How Does Running Help in Losing Weight?

Running as a form of exercise has risen to the popular front for quite some time now. The health benefits embody are the major reason for this shift. People have started considering running as a form of exercise to aid weight loss in the past times. The cardiovascular benefits that running provides have helped with the popularity and weight loss journey.

So in this article let us discuss how running could help in shedding the unwanted weight of your body. It is important to understand the different types of run out there, to choose the right type for maximum benefits.

Different Types of Runs

1. Base runs: 

these are the most common and popular one also termed as the normal run. Anything of shorter distance like 6 miles which is done at your natural pace.

2. Longer runs: 

These are the longer lengths of the run done at the same natural pace but around 10-12 miles. This one enhances the fitness levels and endurance of the runner.

3. Interval runs: 

These are short runs with maximum intensity done with multiple breaks between the runs. This one is to push your speed and power.

4. Hill runs: 

This is very similar to the interval runs with the difference of the uphill. This one increases the speed and overall stamina of the runner.

5. Recovery run: 

As the name suggests, these are runs that help cool you down and add extra distance after a very hard and intensified run.

These are the different types of runs out there, and you could choose the one which suits your purpose and goal. So let us ponder a bit on how running helps in losing weight and help with overall health.

How running helps in losing weight?

1. More calorie burn

It is no surprise that running burns calories. For losing eight, the rule of the thumb is to lose more calories than you consume. With running, you burn more calories than any other type of exercise. This is made possible as running activates and makes very different muscle groups work hard together. Many other alternatives of cardio exercises like swimming, martial arts are known to burn fewer calories than running. As this is based on conclusive research, all you got to do is, out on the shoes and get out there. 

2. Continuous calorie burn

The basic idea is that consistency in exercising aids in weight loss. But with running, there is calorie burn even after the exercise. Isn’t that cool? It is noted that high-intensity runs like hill runs burn calories continuously even up until 48 hours after the workout. This could be termed as the “after-burn effect”. The effect makes your body be in the state of burning calories while and after the workout making it easier to shed off the pounds. 

3. Running manages appetite

High-intensity running is known to suppress the appetite and thus reduce the calories you consume. The exact reason for this phenomenon is not yet known but theory suggests that the hunger hormone called ghrelin is suppressed and more peptides are produced which enhance the feeling of satiety. Thus helping with losing weight as consumption is on the low.

4. Running helps in reducing the belly fat

Belly fat is one of the most common problems of any age. This is also one of the most annoying and stubborn parts to lose fat from. But with regular running, the belly fat muscles are targeted and reduced accordingly. Belly fat is associated with heart disease and even type 2 diabetes among other diseases and hence curbing or reducing belly fat is significant. With aerobic exercises like running, you have got the best shot.

These are the different ways in which running aids in weight loss. Even when you are a beginner, there is so much you could do with running though initially, it might feel apprehensive. Just good running shoes, the right active gear, proper hydration, and the right mindset, you are all set then.


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