HealthWhat Are the Post-covid Workout Tips You Need to Follow?

What Are the Post-covid Workout Tips You Need to Follow?

The idea of exercising after a successful COVID recovery is definitely a tightrope to walk in. Experts mention that the act of patience needs to be cultivated for this time and any rush or impulsivity would result in putting one’s health in jeopardy. The need of the hour is to be safe and achieve optimum health and progress with time. The body needs to heal and ample rest is adequate before you could resume the workouts in full swing.

The body needs to heal and ample rest is adequate before you could resume the workouts in full swing.

It is noted by experts and Doctors alike that COVID 19 does present itself with some complications like myocarditis which is the inflammation of the heart muscle, and this could be potentially dangerous if not worked through well. The general advice is to get an expert opinion before resuming the fitness activity as COVID 19 has proved to be a quite challenging condition on its own.

Let us look into some tips that could help with the Post-covid workout.

1. Exercise Only After Complete Recovery

What Are the Post-covid Workout Tips You Need to Follow?

It is seen sometimes that people get back to their workouts and schedule before a total remission. This is not recommended. It is in fact to be noted that you need to maintain almost 7 to 10 days of full recovery before getting to exercise again. The virus already has symptoms of breathlessness, fatigue so if proper rest isn’t taken and you put your body through more stress, these symptoms and infection could get worse. So learn to be patient and take it slow. The recovery process is hard but is essential.

2. The Key Is to Start Slow

Always remember the old saying, “Slow and steady wins the race”.You need to always evaluate your performance before and then take it a notch down while you resume exercising. It is great if you would start with something less taxing like walking and then keep increasing the intensity bit by bit.

Once you feel that your body has worked up and is ready to take it to the next notch, you could start with cardio workouts that work your heart rate up. The key is to always monitor your body and its vitals. Don’t be so eager to get back to your pre-covid fitness level all of a sudden, be kind to your body and work your way up to it.

3. Be Receptive to Your Body’s Needs

Paying attention to the subtle signs that your body gives is extremely important. With COVID 19 there have been increased concerns of some comorbidities like myocarditis which needs to be constantly monitored just to be on the safer side. This is another reason for you to be also patient with your body’s needs.

Your body will be signaling you of any problem it faces and you need to hear these mumbles for safety. On the other hand, if you’re someone who has heart conditions make sure to consult your physician before moving forward with the workout routines.

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